Chiropractic and Pregnancy: How Does Chiropractic Help My Pregnancy? ep. 1

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Chiropractic and pregnancy? 

I’ve never even been to a chiropractor before I was pregnant … why on earth would I ever go now?

Is chiropractic safe? How is chiropractic during pregnancy safe

But I have to admit … women share all the time how much chiropractic during pregnancy “saved them.” Saved them from morning sickness. Saved them from getting sick. Saved them from having a breech baby. I’ve even heard women say it’s helped them avoid feeling uncomfortable (how is that remotely possible?!?). And the obvious … saved them from their weary pregnant back.

I dunno. I have my doubts. 

Do you?

I know chiropractic during pregnancy is one of many so called “super helpful things” you can do that helps when you’re giving birth. But how will using chiropractic during pregnancy lead to a healthy pregnancy and easier birth? And why?

These are questions I had while pregnant with my second baby (Emersyn). As mentioned, I had never been to a chiropractor before. I wanted answers so I’d know the truth. So I armed myself with questions, a video camera and my little family and we drilled a chiropractor to get you answers (’cause I’m guessing you might be wondering the same thing).

We created 5 episodes that follow my chiropractic during pregnancy.

Please follow along.  We hope these videos answer your questions about chiropractic and pregnancy.

Have you had any chiropractic care when you were pregnant? Don’t be shy mama … share your experience below …


xoxo Sarah


TRANSCRIPT for Chiropractic and Pregnancy:


Hi mamas, Chiropractic during pregnancy. Does chiropractic really help your pregnancy go more smoothly? Does it reduce morning sickness and nausea? Will it make you more comfortable? Does it shorten labor? Will it make your baby come faster?

Well these were questions I had so I decided to find a chiropractor and get my questions answered and video taped the whole thing so you could watch too. I put together a 5 episode webumentary which kind documents the progress of chiropractic adjustments I received. So eithout further ado here is the first installment of chiropractic during pregnancy. I hope you enjoy.

Hi I’m Sarah Blight and I’m 12 weeks pregnancy with my second baby. So today I’m getting ready to go to my first chiropractic appointment in my life. I’ve never been to a chiropractor, I’ve never been adjusted and I’ve heard mixed things. I’ve heard it doesn’t make a difference, they’re just in it to make you come back every month, it’s just a scam. But lately I’ve heard friends say that you know it’s helped my kid with ear infections, it’s helped me with pregnancy. So I thought I will check this out especially during my second pregnancy. I’m curious to see how chiropractic will help me during my second pregnancy as I carry my baby and I expand and my body gets bigger. And also through childbirth to see how it helps.

So we’re in Dr. Taig’s office and we just got the lowdown from here. I’m really curious to see if this helps my nausea I’ve been really sick a lot. So she said it could help, we’ll see.

Whenever I find a hotspot I mark it with my grease pencil. It’s not permanent tatooing, so that’s good.
(Webster’s Technique)

I’m going to have you bring your heels up to your bum for me.
I’m going to be over here and doing repetitive pressure and I just want you to breathe through it. If the pressure’s too much, just let me know and I’ll lighten up. Okay?
I don’t even know if you can tell the difference with that but I’m looking for resistance not for leg length.
Alright so this is when the pressure’s going to come forward so I’m just going to do a little push and I’m going to ask you to relax your arms for me and breathe in and out.

Ahh this feels so good! Good! Deep breath in!

Okay that one you just did. I’ve been feeling that for a long time. I needed something to release. After the session I felt tingly! The endorphins were flowin.

Dr. Taig said I had blockages where people who have nausea are commonly blocked. We’ll see if it helps my preggo nausea. Finger’s crossed!

If you’re curious about chiropractic, tune in and follow me as I go through chiropractic during pregnancy.

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    Hiring a chiropractor can certainly be very helpful during pregnancy conditions. Owing to the fact that special care needs to be taken during pregnancy considering that if its not done then may create complications and sometimes may even prove to be fatal.