“Birth Book”… Just Released!


If you’re like me, you’ve had at least some anxiety about being pregnant & giving birth.

Sometimes that anxiety during pregnancy grows into fear and starts messing with your head. It happens in ways you wouldn’t expect and goes places that can get pretty uncomfortable. You start doubting yourself. You worry (even if you’ve never been a worrier).  And even though you know how many other moms have had babies, you still sometimes lie awake in bed thinking, “Can I really handle this?” If you’re sittin’ there saying, “Yep. That’s totally me.”

I hear you.

Giving birth ain’t easy.

But it’s a heck of a lot easier when you know what to do that works.

If you’re pregnant, completely overwhelmed, hormones are rarin’ to go, food cravings are off the charts and you’re feeling a little nervous but excited about all the unknowns during pregnancy & when giving birth…this book is for you.

Pregnancy is such a busy combination of body changes, hormone changes, life changes all in anticipation of having a baby.

Birth Book is the book I wish I had when I was in your shoes & feeling overwhelmed about being pregnant and giving birth.

I wanted a birth book that was easy to read, a birth book that wouldn’t fear monger me into even more hormonal worry, and a birth book that would actually teach me “how to have” a healthy birth (by showing me the proven medical research) instead of just talking “about” birth. I wanted action steps.   

I never found a book like that.

So guess what….

We’re super excited to announce…

Birth Book!!

And you can get it now on! Woo hoo!

Before I share the things you’ll learn in the book, I have to share what 2 moms have already said about it:

Dr. Sarah Buckley, a mom of 4 and one of the leading doctors on pregnancy & childbirth, said …”This book will give you the crucial information and tools you need for a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth.”  

Dawn Seddio, a mom of 3, said… “Even in my third pregnancy, Birth Book taught me things I didn’t know. It has tons of valuable and practical info which is easily devoured in a few hours. And I love that it’s so relaxed and different than all the other books on birth out there. It feels like you’re just sitting down with these doctors and their wealth of info, as they share how to have a healthy baby and better birth. If you’re expecting or know someone who is…get this book!”

Birth Book is full of candid conversations, true stories, important insights, and tips from top doctors and moms. They open up, get real and teach you what 100s of moms and over 70 combined years of “giving birth” have taught them.

Their knowledge becomes yours, so you can have an easier labor & healthy birth with your baby!

Birth Book is broken down into 4 lessons.  2 are with OB/GYNs (also parents) and 2 are with mamas like you. In the first lesson, an incredibly inspiring & wise Dr. Bethany Hays teaches you how to be relaxed, calm & confident in labor. Then in the 2nd lesson, a friendly, warm & articulate,  Dr. Fischbein teaches you how to be fearless during pregnancy and when giving birth. Ever wondered if you should use an OB/GYN or Midwife? That’s the 3rd lesson … how to find the best provider and the most important questions to ask them.  And our 4th lesson is on  how to have less pain in labor (even if you’re planning on an epidural)- there are a lot of very effective techniques to manage labor pain, that many of us are never even taught. You’ll learn what those are & how to do them.

At the end of each lesson you get links to the best research & proven medical evidence available, which back up exactly what you’re learning about during pregnancy & when giving birth. You can click on them if you’d like and do even more learning.  The research comes from the leading research centers in the country:

  1. the US Cochrane Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  2. the National Institute of Health and
  3. the Journal of Perinatal Education.

You’ll  also get action steps you can take at the end of each lesson. These help you process what you’re learning and move you towards having a healthy birth, instead of just thinking about a healthy birth and just hoping a healthy birth happens to you. There are really easy things you can do during pregnancy & when giving birth, you just have to know what they are.  

Do you want an easier labor & healthy birth? Reading Birth Book will help you learn how & encourage along your journey to the MotherLand.

We hope you love the book as much as we loved creating it for you!

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