A Non Scary, Positive, Awesome Birth.


It’s not often that watching a mama in labor and give birth makes me laugh out loud. This one did. There are so many things to love about birth and this glimpse into one family’s at home, waterbirth (in their backyard) illustrates that point beautifully.

So, if you want to watch a woman labor and give birth but don’t necessarily want to see bits & pieces and “HooHas” this is your video, it’s not scary at all (this is from someone who was very very reticent to watch mamas give birth prior to experiencing it myself;).


What are the things you loved about this birth? Share them below.  - Sarah B.

  • Brooke Collier

    i love that she got to labor outside! and in water. if i had a private enough back yard, i would love to give birth outdoors in a birth pool. looks like a lovely time. also loved her honest reactions to the discomfort of pushing/crowning.

    • yourbabybooty

      Yes, it looked like her backyard was pretty private and quiet. So nice and you do get the feeling that she’s the real deal, very honest with feelings. Loved it.

  • CP

    I love that a pregnant woman assisted the laboring woman. How cool is that?

    • yourbabybooty

      I noticed that too. I am guessing it’s the midwife’s assistant? Super awesome.

  • gidgetlm2

    What a wonderful birth story!

    • yourbabybooty

      Glad you liked it! I thought it was fantastic:)

  • Patty

    Here, four days before my second son’s first birthday, I loved the reminder this gave me of my own experience almost a year ago. Thank you for posting. That moment of birth, of accomplishment was absolutely the best.

    • yourbabybooty

      Ah! So fun to go back and relive it, isn’t it? And the first year always seems to go by in a blur quickly for the most part (but sometimes, not so much:) Congratulations!

  • Muralist

    I cried the entire time! I wish, I could birth like this. For now it will be in the hospital.