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Over the past year, we sat down & grilled Moms & some of the World’s Leading Experts on pregnancy & childbirth… asking them the questions you want to know & need to know, so you can make the best decisions for you, your baby and your family.

We asked questions like: “What do you now know that you wish you knew as a first-time parent?” & “What has all your professional & personal experience taught you that you’re most inspired to share with expectant moms?” & “From all your experience, what’s the one thing moms can do to have the best pregnancy & birth possible” & lots more…

Here’s what just a few of them had to say :

On how to trust your body & relax during labor & childbirth:“I don’t think it’s mind over matter, I think it’s matter over mind. We need to turn our minds off and stop trying to control our body and instead relax and let our body do its job.” Mary Murry-Mom of 3, Certified Nurse Midwife over 25 years, Mayo Clinic and Instructor at Mayo Clinic’s College of Medicine.

On why there aren’t more VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean)- “A scheduled c-section is easier for the doctor, they spend approximately 1 to 1.5 hours with the patient as compared to a vaginal delivery- the estimate has been it takes 17 hours of patient care time.” Dr. Tami Michele, Mom of 4, OB/Gyn (former doula and childbirth educator).


On being a new mama “Let go of ‘the should’…find new things to give you pleasure…Moms being happy makes a difference!” Meagan Francis, Mama of 5, Author of 2 books & Writer at



Certified nurse midwife Susan WenteOn the step-by-step differences between a typical birth with a Midwife & an Ob/Gyn: “Most women think they’re bothering us as Obstetrical providers when they ask us questions. They aren’t bothering us. We’re paid very well in the hospital, extremely well to take care of them. And they have the right to demand certain things. And they have the right to get responses to their questions. And they have the right to have quality care that is more than a 5-minute visit. And until women start saying ‘I want more’ things aren’t going to change. They’ll just get their 5 minutes.” Susan Wente – Mom of 2, Certified Nurse Midwife 35+ years


“You’re at your strongest when you’re pregnant.”  Cindy Crawford- model, mama of 2. 


 “I didn’t want my birth to happen to me.” Dawn Seddio (She’s all about candidly sharing her first c-section birth experience, then achieving her goal of an unmedicated, natural VBAC birth.)


Pregnancy was meant to be a certain duration. Every week of the pregnancy duration counts. Not one day less. Not one week less. The baby secretes a hormone initiating labor. There’s something to be said for the natural process. And the level of partnership that should exist between an expecting mother & her provider, there’s no other area that brings forth that level of cooperation, coordination, conversation around medical decision making…I wish we could use that as a model for other care.”  Dr. Lucky Jain- Dad of 2, Neonatologist- Emory University School of Medicine. Dr. Jain’s research is focused on helping pre-term & elective c-section babies. 

 Advice to new mamas on motherhood:  “Succumb & survive.”    Nina Simone-  Mama of 2



Dr. Fishchbein picture- how to have a fearless birthOn how to have less fear during birth: “Birth is a very special time in a woman’s life… That baby is only going to be born once. It’s a monumental experience for any woman who’s gone through it whether it’s at home or in the hospital. It’s life changing- and we treat it as if it’s having your appendix out.”  Dr. Stuart Fischbein- Dad of 4, OB/Gyn over 25 years, Author.


“Why DON’T we have birth rehearsals, just like we do for weddings??”  Angela Haglund- Mom of 2, Doula, Childbirth Educator



“You wouldn’t run in a race and not train, why would a woman do the hardest thing she’s ever going to to do, LABOR, and not prepare?” Julie Tupler-RN, Childbirth Educator, Author & Creator of The Tupler Technique.


 “The process of going through labor and birth is part of what makes you a mother. It gives you the hormones you need, the love you need, the energy and some of the connection you need over the next 30 years of your life to parent”  Michele Deck- President of Lamaze International, mama of 3, grandma of 9.


  “Even if it’s 5 minutes…5 to 10 minutes a day just to sit down, to meditate, to take some time for themselves to have a cup of coffee, even do something frivolous. That allows our bodies and minds to have that important relaxation time.”  Mollee Bauer- Mom of 1, Founder of


On how to have less pain during labor: “…the stranded beetle position, you know when you’re a kid and you see a beetle on the ground and its legs are waving and it can’t do anything. It’s the worst possible position (to give birth) for many reasons for both mother and baby.”  Barbara Harper R.N.- Mom of 3, Founder of Waterbirth International, Midwife, Educator, Author.

Candidly sharing how no one really ‘has it all together’: “This is what new motherhood looks like: a big scattered mess.”  Alyson Schafer- Mom of 2, Parenting Expert



On what women do, who have the least fear & best birth experiences: “I love to see women come in telling me what they would like & questioning what they’ve been told or read. It’s like anything in life, If you know what to expect you won’t have the anxiety. I wish women would just acknowledge their power.” Michelle Collins, Ph.D.- Mama of 2, Certified Nurse Midwife, Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

On how to be prepared for a c-section: “You really don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in labor. You need to surround yourself with people that you trust and try to set the scene for a good experience. And then you have to have some flexibility and accept the fact that you don’t have total control of this.”  Dr. Marjorie Greenfield- Mom, Ob/Gyn for over 25 years, professor at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine.


“To give birth, a woman can really see the power that she holds.”  Laura Dearman- Mama of 2, Doula & a changed woman after giving birth



“The thing I worry about the most is the trend that we have towards surrendering the value of birthing to the control and the seduction of the medical world. I’m a person who believes in science and believes in medicine… I’m a conventional practitioner but I think birthing is a powerful, spiritual event in a woman’s life and I don’t think my colleagues really understand that very well. And so when I see women giving up their births to that medical model, I really think we’re giving something important away.”  Dr. Bethany Hays- Mom of 3, Ob/Gyn for over 30 years- founder of True North Healthcare

picture of michelle vanoudenallenOn why positive affirmations & facing fears is a crucial part of preparing for birth: ”We have so many lies and misconceptions that we don’t even realize…those things are in there and identifying those things is a huge step in overcoming the fears.”  Michelle VanOudenallen- Mama of 2 kiddos who changed providers ¾ of the way through her first pregnancy.

picture of robbie davis floyd “You are growing a baby inside you, that’s an active process. You don’t just expect a baby to grow healthy without nourishing that baby & taking care of yourself.”  Robbie Davis Floyd, Ph.D.- Mom, Cultural Anthropologist specializing in the anthropology of reproduction


picture of Leah Tribus“In order for a baby to get a good latch… position is key. If they’re not well supported, the baby feels like they’re falling backwards and when they have that sense they’re going to do a couple different things: One is going to be that they’re going to fuss and not going to latch because they just don’t have that sense that their body is secure against their mommy. The other issue they might have is they may start clamping down, so they may bite a little and that’s where that uncomfortable feeling during latch is going to exist.” Leah Tribus- Mom of 3 & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

picture of Jenny BakerOn natural, unmedicated childbirth: “It is the most awesome athletic experience you could ever have. It beats any ironman, 1/2 ironman, even marathon, whatever experience somebody would think would be amazing athletically…It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.”   Jenny Baker-Mama of 1, Ultra-Marathoner.

jana nattermann your baby bootyOn the best way to be ready for baby “Do the research & ask questions. Choose a doctor who’ll take the time to answer your questions. If you don’t get the level of care you need, go find another doctor.” Jana Nattermann, Mama of one


Your Baby Booty Kristin Cates picture

On why & how Pre-Natal Yoga helps you big time during labor.
“You start to see these predictable responses to discomfort. How do we train ourselves to have a different response to the discomfort. And in the case of labor you get this amazing gift at the end of it.” Kristin Cates, certified nurse midwife, prenatal yoga instructor


Kate Glynn Your Baby BootyOn how to choose the right provider. “There are literally few things more intimate than having a baby & in childbirth it’s so important to advocate for yourself…having someone that can hear you & willing to listen is super super important.”
Kate Glynn, mom of 2

Photo of Barbara Hotelling Your Baby BootyOn the importance of knowing how to ask good questions to receive the best evidence based care now & for the rest of your life… “a mom will be making medical decisions for her children, her partner, her parents, her partner’s parents- evidence based care extends to ALL medical care.” Barbara Hoteling, Doula, Nurse Practitioner, Mom of 5, former President of Lamaze & Doulas of North America

patricia burkhardt- yourbabybootyJust a little of all the wisdom she shares from her 40+ years experience as a midwife- “Babies belong with moms. Babies do better on the mom’s chest when they hear the mom’s heartbeat, the same one they’ve heard for 9 months in utero.” Pat Burkhardt, PhD, Midwife, Mom of 2


 Sarah McKay picture Your Baby BootyOn teaching how to avoid common breastfeeding pitfalls-  “Knowing there is a way & an outlet to connect to being something more & to remember who you are outside of just the walking milk machine is really really important.”  Sarah McKay, Mom of 6, Doula & Lactation Consultant.


Lenore Skenazy pic Your Baby BootyOn learning to ‘just be’ & not feeling the need to buy everything marketed at you…“Programs are sold through fear. ‘Don’t you want your kid to get a leg up in music. You can raise a music lover if you start early!’ Yeah, how about humming. Turn on your ipod. You don’t need to personally knit every sinapse in their brain.” Lenore Skenazy, mama of 2, author, TV host of World’s Worst Mom on Discovery.

Jen Blanchard pic Your Baby BootyTeaching you from her 3 very different birth experiences… “I wish I would have known there were other options, I thought there was a one size fits all approach” Jen Blanchard, Mama of 3



Hara Estroff Marano picture your baby bootyOn raising capable kids from the very start. “Relax. Never want something more for your child than your child wants for themselves. You’ll basically disempower your child & you’ll take over their inner-life. That’s where problems happen” Hara Estroff-Marana, Author, Mama of 2, Editor in Chief of Psychology Today

boyd Haley pic Your Baby Booty“I’m not anti-vaccines. I know vaccines work. However, I think there’s a common sense aspect that has to be applied to this. How early do you vaccinate & what do you vaccinate against.”
Dr. Boyd Haley, dad, bio-chemist & vaccine expert for over 50+ years.



martha montgomery your baby bootyOn getting real & helping moms understand that no one has it all figured out, despite appearances.“I remember a night I was overwhelmed & thinking I don’t know what to do & l turned to my husband and said ‘I think we made a mistake’ & feeling so guilty for {saying} that & wondering ‘Am I ever gonna embrace this? Am I going to ever love this like all my other friends who seem to be loving motherhood?’…they weren’t sharing their struggles” Martha Montgomery, Mama of 2

 Think how much invaluable real life experience sits tucked away, forever, inside the heads of so many incredible people.  


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