Sarah, Steve & their bambinos

After her first (of many) hormonal break-downs in the middle of a baby superstore, Sarah realized her overwhelming experience with baby registry & preparing for baby was common among new mamas. As she continued chattin’ it up with new mamas & while diving deep into the medical research & evidence on childbirth, she realized something else…that most women don’t know how many amazing options they have in Pregnancy & Childbirth- options that lead to better & healthier outcomes for baby & mom, to feeling intensely equipped & to feeling excited about birth- rather than fearful & wanting to just “get through it”.

 Steve got tired of retailers & manufacturers telling him what he needed to buy & everyone telling Sarah the “one right way” to have Jackson. Fed up with all the baby “fluff” online, Steve wanted a no BS baby site that just taught him the super valuable lessons learned from experienced Moms, Dads & Leading Experts.

From Steve’s military pilot experience, he knew the value of stories. Squadron pilots shared their detailed accounts of each flight (good, bad & ugly). Every pilot became a better pilot by avoiding unnecessary mistakes & emulating one another’s triumphs. Steve & Sarah decided to use this approach to catapult mamas & papas on their journey to parenthood. They put their noggins together and decided to create this site for you. The site they wish they had. 

They have two children, a strong-willed and dare we say “spunky” 3 year old & a drooling, teething, not-so-sleepy 6-month old. They live in the great state of Michigan.        {photo courtesy of thelarkstudio}   

We hear a lot about pregnancy & birth stuff, but rarely through a no-fluff “real life” lens that actually teaches us the most important things to make the most important decisions during the most important moment of our lives.

And that’s just a dang shame.

Because that “real life” lens is exactly how we’ll experience our own journey.

No wonder so many of us have fear, lack confidence & don’t know what to expect….we haven’t been taught from the same perspective we’ll actually see & experience pregnancy, labor & birth ourselves. Why not? We think there’s a better way. An easier way. 

Experience is the Mother of all teachers. Half of learning what to do is learning what not to do. The info that helps you make the best decisions during Pregnancy, Birth & after is buried in peoples’ incredible and vastly different Real Life Experience. That precious info is like the H.O.V. lane during bumper-to-bumper traffic. It gets you where you want to go faster. Real Life Experience is all we focus on.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to pregnancy & birth. There’s no one “right way”. By knowing your options & what the best available Medical Evidence says about those options, you have the FREEDOM to choose what’s right for you, your baby, your family, your life. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Whatever, Wherever & However- it’s your decision. Moms having the best birth experiences with the least fear, most confidence, least pain (with usually healthier outcomes for baby & mom) know their options & understand What To Expect.                           


                                          We Believe Your Baby Booty                                                                                                           

Imagine an army of Doctors, Doulas, Midwives, Lactation Consultants, Moms & other Leading Experts guiding you & teaching you What They Wish They Knew.